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Michelle Mckoy

Host|Fertility Advocate

You may be checking out this podcast with a series of Whys? Why me?, Why infertility? Why now?

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Dr. Cammile Hammond

CEO | Cade Foundation

Join Dr. Hammond and her weekly series, Coffee with Cade, where she speaks with industry professionals.

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Laura Sgroi

Author | Fertility Coach

Laura Sgroi is a certified life coach and speaker providing consultations.

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Dr. George Love

Health Educator | Author

A licensed primary care physician in the state of Florida since
1986 as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM)
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Annette Figueredo

Meditation coach | Ayurvedic lifestyle educator 

Annette assists women in overcoming mental, emotional and physical blocks to conception

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Lisa Wilkinson

CEO | Mental Health

Lisa Wilkinson, LMFT is an AAMFT Approved Supervisor for behavioral health and wellness.


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Maria Kowalski

Certified herbal womb steam practitioner 

Shamanic Reiki

Ancestral healing

Purium super food detox

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Ama Gordon, MBA

CEO| Global Fertility Connections

Connecting Intended Parents With Personalized Patient Care. We build families.

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“Getting pregnant isn’t always easy. The entire fertility process is an emotional roller coaster and it’s very easy to get discouraged. One moment you’re daydreaming about starting or growing your family and then all of a sudden a roadblock dashes your hopes. Like many advocates, I’m here to say never stop believing. Just be open to all possibilities.”

Michelle McKoy

Yes To Fertility | Managing Partner

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